Top reasons why you need travel insurance

Nov 5, 2021

Top reasons why you need travel insurance
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If you\'re planning to travel soon, then you should think about traveling smartly. Due to the pandemic, travel requirements and restrictions are constantly changing so it’s more important now than ever to take extra precautions. But how do you travel smart? That\'s easy, travel insured. Here are our tips: 


Tip #1: Feel reassured with trip cancellation benefits:

Traveling costs money that no one is willing to lose in the event of an emergency. Even the best-planned trips sometimes get canceled. If you or your loved one becomes ill, or if another major event forces you to cancel your vacation, many travel providers offer only partial or no refunds at all for last-minute cancellations. Can you afford to lose all of the money you\'ve spent on your trip if this happens?


Travel insurance can reimburse you for prepaid, nonrefundable trip costs. And when you get your money back, you can reschedule your vacation for a brighter day.


Tip #2: Look for a policy with emergency medical and dental benefits:

Nothing is worse than getting sick or having a medical emergency while traveling. Not only is it difficult to find the right medical assistance, but medical bills abroad can be exorbitant, as many hospitals require payment in advance.


If you have an unexpected illness, injury, or medical condition while traveling, your travel medical insurance can cover the costs. The insurance will reimburse you up to the plan limits which include ambulance service, doctor bills, hospital and operating room charges, drugs, and medicines, etc.


Tip #3: Buy medical evacuation travel insurance:

If you have a medical emergency while traveling abroad and need to be airlifted to the nearest hospital, the cost could be thousands of dollars if you don\'t have insurance.


Medical evacuation travel insurance can be an add-on benefit for most travel medical insurance plans. If the local hospital cannot adequately treat your injury or illness, this plan helps you move to the nearest best possible treatment center. It may also pay for specialized transportation to bring you home, once your condition has stabilized.




Tip #4: Opt for travel insurance with travel delay benefits: 

Weather conditions fluctuate a lot and airlines change flight timings accordingly to avoid any issues.  And if the delay is for an extended period of time, all your subsequent plans and interconnecting flights will be impacted. As a result of the delay, you may have to incur a number of additional expenses such as meals, lodging, and so on during the waiting period, despite not being at fault. 


These benefits can reimburse you for additional lodging, meals, or travel expenses, as well as lost prepaid expenses if your flight is delayed due to a covered delay. Most plans have a minimum time period stated in their plans to be eligible for flight delay reimbursement which cover the costs of basic lodging and meals.


Tip #5: Purchase travel insurance that includes baggage delay coverage:

Minor mishaps can happen to anyone, such as delays in your baggage, or lost luggage. These are some of the most common problems we encounter when traveling, and each problem can cost you a lot of money or ruin your entire trip.


Delayed/lost baggage insurance covers essential items if your checked baggage is not delivered within a specified time frame. Based on the limits in your insurance policy, baggage loss/damage benefits can reimburse you for the actual price, actual cash value, repair, or replacement of your lost/damaged items, whichever is less.


Travel insurance is affordable so why not buy it the next time you travel? It is essential not only for those who want to make the most of their trips but also for occasional travelers. And we at BanqMart make it possible to find the best coverage for the lowest cost. Contact us today to learn more.


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