Tips to help you maximize your travel benefits

Jan 13, 2022

Tips to help you maximize your travel benefits
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Using credit cards for travel can open a world of possibilities for those who want to. However, earning and redeeming points and miles can be difficult, and getting the most out of your credit card isn't always evident. Don’t worry though, we have your back. Here is a cheat guide to help you maximize your airline loyalty points as well as redeem them effectively so you can enjoy traveling.


Find a loyalty program

This is the first and most critical step in earning those reward points. Compare programs and then find the right one for you to enroll in. Think about your travel habits, interests, and frequency to find the loyalty program that is ideal for you. But, since most of the loyalty programs offer a free sign-up, you can still create an account with every airline, travel website, or hotel chain you frequent. It simply means a few additional promotional emails in your inbox, which is worth it for a good deal.


Get a Points or Miles Bonus

Sign up for credit cards co-branded with airlines that offer bonus miles. And don't forget to check the fine print as some require you to spend a certain amount of money within a certain time to get travel rewards.

Signing up for a miles credit card may help you earn initial bonus miles, but bear in mind that they often have hefty interest rates. So, unless you pay your bill in full each month, you need to weigh the value of your bonus against the interest rates.


Use a right credit card

Using a rewards credit card can be another way to rack up enough miles for a reward. The two basic types of cards to be considered: the co-branded cards affiliated with an airline and more general rewards cards that offer an assortment of awards, including airline miles.

The main difference between the cards would be that the airline-affiliated cards are more rewarding when used with the said airline, while the generic one offers a larger spectrum of redeeming options.

The general rewards cards typically allow you to use your miles on a variety of airlines, rather than just one. If you’re unlikely to utilize your miles for travel, you can of course redeem them for other things, including cash. Hence choose one which can get the most bang for your money.


Don't book travel through a third party

Many cards encourage loyalty by offering the highest rewards earning rate only when travel purchases are made through their rewards portal. If you make travel purchases via a third-party website, you probably won’t likely earn as many points or miles.

Hence, it is recommended to double-check your card’s terms and conditions when booking a hotel, flight, car, or other travel reservation outside your rewards portal. 



Airline credit card

An airline credit card is a good option if you're loyal to a specific airline. When your reward points are tied to an airline's loyalty program, you can earn a generous amount of reward points. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to earn points or miles that you can redeem for plane tickets. Additionally, you might also be able to enjoy great perks like seat upgrades, early boarding, free checked bags, and more.


Go Cashless

A credit card won’t earn you rewards unless it is used extensively. Hence go cashless as much as possible, and in turn, pay off your credit card bills every month to ensure that the points you have accrued can be utilized to earn additional points.


Cash-in on Partner Deals

Most airlines have tie-ups that allow passengers to transfer points earned through one airline's loyalty program to another. This information, however, is not widely available. Look for any such tie-up scheme to make better use of your reward points.


Thoughtful spending is always the key to optimizing the returns on your loyalty programs. At BanqMart, we dig deep into the nitty-gritties of the airlines’ loyalty programs to get the best perks and bonuses.

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