Expo 2020: The 11 must-see country pavilions

Jan 21, 2022

Expo 2020: The 11 must-see country pavilions
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Dubai Expo is welcoming visitors from all around the world until March 2022. The huge exhibition with 200 pavilions, 191 of which are from participating countries, showcases the meaningful impact that is being made across the world. But having so many amazing pavilions makes it difficult to decide which pavilions to include in the must-see list. To help you make the most out of your visit, BanqMart has compiled a list of top 10 country pavilions at the Dubai Expo.


  1. United Arab Emirates

The structure of the UAE pavilion was inspired by the country's national bird, a falcon, and was designed by renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It has "wings" that resemble a bird's wing in flight that generates sustainable energy through movement.


At the UAE pavilion, visitors can learn about the country's rich cultural heritage and its aspirations for the future. It is part of the UAE's endeavors to build a future-oriented, progressive, and peaceful society. 


  1. Saudi Arabia

The second-largest pavilion at Expo 2020 is the Saudi Arabia Pavilion. It focuses on the country’s rich heritage, natural landscapes, as well as future possibilities. The LEED Platinum Certified structure depicts four main pillars: heritage, people, nature, and opportunities.


If you plan to visit the pavilion, don't miss Vision Space, a massive multi-faceted globe with a 30-meter circumference. The enormous globe features an interactive floor that takes visitors on an amazing audiovisual trip. 

Dubai Expo

  1. Luxembourg

Explore Luxembourg's attractions, cuisine, and culture while learning about the country's enterprising spirit and sustainable goals. The Luxembourg pavilion at the Opportunity District, designed by Metaform, features several must-see attractions.


Luxembourg's space is designed to reflect their beliefs of openness, assuming the shape of a Mobius ribbon. Visitors also get to learn some interesting facts about the small yet dynamic European country.  The tour ends at a lovely atrium where visitors can either exit the exhibit via a walkway or a whopping 21-meter slide.


  1. South Korea

Reflecting how the world around us is continually changing, the infrastructure around the Korean pavilion also keeps changing. During the day, the tent-like building is illuminated in the shade of bright hues of red and yellow, while blue and pink colors are used at night to give the pavilion a new look. 


At the exhibition, you can experience the so-called wonder walk and can also learn about the country’s focus on science and technology through augmented reality.


  1. United Kingdom

The UK Pavilion, also known as the Poetry Pavilion, is a masterpiece by British designer and artist Es Devlin. This structure aims to emphasize the prominence of space research and artificial intelligence in the United Kingdom. The dramatic pavilion has a sparkling LED façade, shaped like a cone that uses an advanced machine learning algorithm to generate the cumulative collective poem that illuminates its twenty-meter circular facade. 


Even more exciting is that visitors to the pavilion can contribute to these AI-generated messages! These poems generated by AI from words submitted by visitors are written in English and Arabic using LED lights on the facade.


  1. Australia

The Australian Pavilion is shaped like a cumulus cloud, as an ode to a variety of Australian landscapes, which is designed by Bureau Proberts. The building design showcases how the country is a melting pot of different cultures. 


The Australian Pavilion takes visitors on a national journey in terms of technological advances and modern discoveries, which also introduces innovative water-saving technologies and initiates discussions on global challenges.


  1. Belgium

The Belgian Pavilion, located in the mobility district of the Expo 2020, is designed with a "green arch" and has the same emphasis on national art and technology. It covers over 500 square meters and provides visitors with insights into the country's industry and innovation. 


The Belgian Pavilion has an exhibition, a brasserie, and even a Belgian culinary kiosk. There is also a roof terrace and lounge area where you can enjoy views of the premises while savouring Belgian delicacies.


  1. Russia

The Russian pavilion in the mobility district is rippling with an out-of-box creative economy concept. The space designed by Sergei Tchoban focuses on the Russian spirit, inventors, artists, and musicians who have influenced the world. From Tolstoy's literary masterpieces to Mendeleev's remarkable scientific discoveries to Kandinsky's avant-garde works of art, there's a lot to discover and explore. 


Enjoy the pavilion, as well as its shows and array of delicious dishes. And don't forget to buy souvenirs at the gift shop!


  1. Brazil

At Expo 2020, the Brazil pavilion emphasizes the importance of water and focuses on environmental issues such as climate change and pollution that are causing havoc in Brazil and elsewhere. Visitors can discover incredible diversity, from flora and fauna to art and culture. 


This structure shades and protects the water during the day, and at night, it transforms the pavilion into a bright, floating cube where you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and scents of the riverbanks of Brazil. In addition, the pavilion also hosts a restaurant, cafe, and shop, located in a dry area next to the water.


  1. Singapore

The Singapore Pavilion, designed by WOHA architects, is a natural paradise that is very distinct from the conventional expo exhibits where it is hard to tell where nature begins and architecture ends. The theme of Nature, Nurture, and Future makes the pavilion a magical place that will undoubtedly make you fall in love with it. 


It has natural ventilation and around 500 solar panels. There’s also the canopy walk that takes you through the pavilion, giving you the experience of nature's sights and sounds. The pavilion also has a Sky Market, which is a multi-purpose deck cooled with mist.


  1. Kazakhstan

Finally, we can’t end this list without sharing one of our personal favorites. The Kazakhstan pavilion showcases traditional oriental architecture along with modern digital solutions. Visitors can enjoy a tour which starts off by explaining the significance of the Steppe civilization and ends with a dynamic show reflecting the future opportunities.


The interactive exhibits and creative workshops are a must for families. They truly make the visit entertaining and informative.


There is so much to see and enjoy at Expo 2020. With BanqMart, we can help you find the right credit card with attractive deals and discounts for Expo. Get in touch with one of our experts today to learn more.

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