Our favorite Mashreq Credit Cards

Sep 16, 2022

Our favorite Mashreq Credit Cards
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Looking for a new credit card? Ranging from cash back to travel benefits, there are multiple options available. Discover the perfect credit card that best fits your needs with Mashreq’s excellent selection of credit cards in the UAE. 

In addition to treating UAE customers with rewards, the cards provide a slew of discounts and benefits, ranging from everyday expenses like entertainment, dining, and utility bill payment to international travel, hotel stays, and much more. BanqMart currently offers three types of Mashreq credit cards:

  • Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

  • Mashreq Cashback Credit Card

  • Mashreq Solitaire Card


Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

The Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card is one of a kind, allowing the user to live a luxurious lifestyle. This card is designed to give consumers exclusive benefits and privileges, giving a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The two variations of this Mashreq card are: 

  • Mashreq Platinum Elite Visa Credit Card 

  • Mashreq Platinum Elite MasterCard Credit Card 


Benefits of Platinum Elite Credit Card:

  • With your Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card, you can get complimentary access to Fitness First for up to 8 visits a month by spending a minimum amount of AED 7,000 in your preceding billing cycle. 

  • Enjoy three complimentary limousine services per calendar year on your card, with a monthly limit of one service by spending AED 7,000 or more. 

  • Get Salaam Points on every spend, 50% discount at Cinemas, & global airport lounge access.


Mashreq Bank Cashback Credit Card:

Mashreq Cashback Credit Card is one of the most popular credit cards which offers cashback in the form of rewards points on purchases, making it ideal for shopping. In addition to cashback, this card comes with an array of features and offers. 


Benefits of Mashreq Bank Cashback Credit Card:

  • Mashreq Cashback Credit Card offers AED 500 welcome cashback as a welcome bonus. 
  • With a minimum salary of AED 5000, you can enjoy 20% Cashback at your favourite e-com merchants for the first six months at Zomato, Netflix and more.
  • You can also get 5% cashback on UAE dining, 2% cashback on non-AED spends & up to 1% cashback on local spending.


Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card

Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card is a super-elite credit card that has been designed and conceptualized to meet the needs, and aspirations of the UAE region's ever-discerning and affluent populace. The card offers its members multiple exclusive benefits and privileges, ranging from luxury fine dining to golf privileges. Furthermore, members of this card are eligible for a rewards program that allows them to turn ordinary purchases into extraordinary experiences. 


Benefits of Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card:

  • With a minimum salary of 25,000, users can enjoy 20% cash back at their favourite e-com merchants, and a 50% discount on movie tickets at VOX, Reel, and Novo Cinemas. 

  • Purchase travel tickets and get Multi-Trip Insurance that covers you for local and international trips of up to 90 days.

  • You can enjoy all these offers and get complimentary access to over 900+ airport lounges globally, as well as complimentary valet parking in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

  • Earn Salaam Points on all spends.


How to apply for a Mashreq Credit Card?

At BanqMart, you can now apply for the Mashreq credit card online using your Emirates ID and receive approval in less than 10 minutes. Take advantage of our quick application process and find the best credit card for all your needs.

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